At Irish Experience Tours, we understand that adventure amounts to more than just high-energy activities. Those keen to experience the Emerald Isle on island-time: here are ten adventure days out in Ireland for laid-back travellers.

The island of Ireland is synonymous with adventure, but who said that equals hair-raising pursuits, fit for only those who are the experienced, outdoorsy type? Not us! 

Adventure in Ireland is found at every turn and is accessible to all. From cultural pursuits to food experiences, heritage sites to walking tours, there is much to suit easygoing adventurers in Ireland.

If you like what you’re hearing, read on. These are ten adventure days out in Ireland for laid-back travellers who seek to experience the Emerald Isle like a local.

1. Distillery tours 

The Jameson Experience, Co. Cork | Ireland’s Content Pool

Irish people are associated often with their love of liquor. And, while it must be clarified that not every Irish person is a raging alcoholic, it is true that some fine beverages were born and are brewed on the island of Ireland.

One easygoing adventure we recommend to travellers looking for a low-key experience is a distillery tour. Our top spots go to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Jameson Distillery in Cork, or Bushmills Distillery in Antrim.

2. Local demonstrations

We, at Irish Experience Tours, love to support locals. It’s one of our core values and an optional part of all of our tours.

These local experiences – such as craft or sheepdog demonstrations – are another one of our top recommendations for adventure days out in Ireland for laid-back travellers. Demonstrations offer fantastic insight into local life and support the community in preserving our native heritage, too. 

3. Sea swimming

Sunrise swim at Ballcuggaran, Co. Clare | Ireland’s Content Pool

In our books, easygoing adventure is not void of all excitement. One of the best ways to embrace the elements, regardless of fitness level or ability, is via wild swimming.

Surrounded by sea, Ireland is home to endless coves and remote beaches, many of which boast a Blue Flag, signifying their fine water quality and overall safeness. 

4. Gallery and museum experiences

Gallery and museum experiences are another one of the top adventure days out in Ireland for laid-back travellers.

Known as the land of saints and scholars, Ireland is a treasure trove of history and heritage, religion, craft, culture, and literature. No matter your preference, we’re positive you’ll find a gallery or museum experience to suit your style.

5. Traditional Irish music sessions

Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann | Ireland’s Content Pool

One of Ireland’s top claims to fame is traditional Irish music, and no trip to the Emerald Isle would be complete without enjoying some live tunes with a drink in hand (preferably a Guinness)!

We believe trad music is one of the most authentic ways to experience Irish culture, and we offer guests on-the-ground knowledge of where best to catch a show be it Doolin or Dublin year-round.

6. Foodie tours

Ireland may not boast the same culinary merit as the likes of other European destinations. Saying that, a modern culinary renaissance has sparked a new wave of food destinations in recent years.

Whether you’re shucking oysters in Galway Bay or drinking local-brewed coffee in Dingle, enjoying the Kinsale Gourmet Festival or delving into the catch of the day in Howth, there are tonnes of places to whet your appetite in Ireland.

7. Boat trips

The Skellig Ring, Portmagee, Co Kerry | Ireland’s Content Pool

Boat trips are another one of the adventure days out in Ireland for laid-back travellers that need not be overlooked.

Be it whale spotting or cruising over to the Aran Islands, viewing the Cliffs of Moher from the waves or spying on the majestic Skellig Islands, there’s much to choose from. 

8. Market trips

Ireland is a country ripe with markets. It’s part of our cultural heritage and today they still thrive en masse.

From vintage furniture markets to those offering fresh produce and artisan fare, flea markets to old-school record fairs, you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

9. Waking tours

Walking Tour viewing National Monument, Cork City | Ireland’s Content Pool

At Irish Experience Tours, we love to make connections: with our guests, locals, and fellow Irish business owners. We’re Irish, it’s in our blood!

With that being said, one of our recommended adventure days out in Ireland for laid-back travellers are walking tours. Religious pilgrimages, literary wanders, or political tours – name it and you’ll find it here!

10. Castle crawls

There are over 30,000 castles across the Emerald Isle, all in various states of standing or ruin, the oldest of which dates back to the 11th-century. 

In our books, one of the best adventure days out in Ireland for laid-back travellers are castle crawls. This is essentially a pub crawl, but instead of a pub, you’re visiting castles, and instead of pints, you’re drinking up history. 

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