Family Adventures Ireland

Family Adventures Ireland

The Family Travel Experts

We’ve been setting the standard in family travel since we pioneered the industry in 2008. Our adventure artisans hand-craft every trip: that means memorable, active and fun experiences for family members of every age.

Our personal connection makes us different because we listen to what you are looking for. We take the time to know our destinations and colleagues who live there; we work closely with them to deliver a special experience to you.

A Trip for Every Family

No matter what your family make-up is, we know we have a trip for you. Young, old, active, relaxed, millennials, teenagers, seasoned travelers, or first-timers— we have something for your family. Tell us your interests— we’re here to help. Relax, you’re with Irish Experience. 

Multigenerational and Family Reunion

One of the most exciting ways to travel is to turn your vacation into a family reunion. Getting everyone together in a new and exciting country will help your family create incredible moments together that you’ll never forget. Different ages come with different needs and interests and we always accommodate everyone.

The more family members that can join the adventure— the better! You can rent a lodge on the West Coast or all go island hopping together. Family reunions are perfect to have everyone together to make the memories sweeter.

Family Reunions

Traveling with a large family is easier than it may sound, especially when you have a team of family travel experts that take care of all of the details for you. This is the perfect way for everyone – near and far – to learn, explore, hike, or bike together, and create family memories to last a lifetime.

As kids get older they want to have different kinds of fun. They want to feel a sense of independence and test their limits. We make that happen for your teens and millennials. Plus, we give them plenty to Snap and Instagram about.


Through tried and tested adventures, we know just what to do to make sure your teen will not only have a great time on your family vacation, but ask you when the next one will be! We provide a teen vacation experience filled with adventure, challenges, time with peers, and plenty of time to chill.


Older kids (no matter how old, they’ll always be kids to you) want to have different kinds of fun. We treat them like adults. We plan for later starts in the morning when we can, go on nighttime pub crawls, and most importantly, give everyone plenty of options so that everyone can have the vacation they want.

Guaranteed Departures

No matter what happens, once your family books a trip, you’re going. We don’t have trip minimums. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Small Groups

We specialize in small groups. It makes it easier to travel through a place, allows room for more spontaneity, and provides a better environment to get to know your guide and fellow travelers. After all, one of the best parts of travel is getting to meet new people! 

Expert Local Guides 

All of our groups are accompanied by an expert, local in-country guide. We use guides that have specialities in wildlife and flora. They have a personal connection to the destination where they work and a knowledge that only a local can have. They know how to pace each day and activity so that your family can see all that they want to see and have the best possible time.