Cleanliness and Safety are our priority




Smooth, slick and very comfortable, our luxury vehicles are a great way to discover Ireland.

They feature large panoramic windows, reclining seats and air conditioning as standard. All of our buses are equipped with a first aid box and our Driver Guides will always provide safety instructions in English prior to departure.

The maximum number of steps onto our buses is 4. The buses are not wheelchair accessible, however, we have space to store folded wheelchairs should this be required. Staff are unable to physically assist those getting on and off the bus, therefore please ensure you are comfortable doing this yourself or with a companion.

There’s a strict maximum of 16 people allowed on your tour, so there’ll always be plenty of space.

Smooth as they are on the main roads they are also still compact enough to go off the beaten track

Our tour vehicles are jet-washed ONLY at the completion of each tour. We use eco-friendly cleaning products while on tour; Lilly’s Eco Clean, NoH20 and  Ecover eco-friendly tablets.