So what if you have some form of travel booked to Ireland, or even just had plans to travel to Ireland in 2021?

small group bus tours Ireland

Our 30 seat bus is now used for 12 passengers maximum when touring around Ireland. 

What if you’ve already dropped a couple of thousand euros/dollars on flights and accommodation, or are weighing up whether or not to do just that? What then?

For people looking to travel to Ireland in September and October 2021, your own personal state should help inform any decision to travel.  Also, travel intent is going to be huge because of the frustration of lockdown will result in an increased need to travel.

Wherever you’re based, it’s worth checking your government travel advisory for the latest travel advice before planning anything. And if you have something booked, your first move should be to call your airline, tour company and insurance company to seek their counsel, then square that with your own research.

If I do plan on travelling to Ireland in September, what should I expect?

As travel restrictions begin to ease across Europe, Ireland is set to fully open on July 19th for all international travel.  So in celebration of this great news here is a light-hearted guide to travel to Ireland in September.

September Weather in Ireland

Rainbow over a house on Inis Mor on the Aran Islands, part of many Irish Experience Tours

September starts in Autumn (Fall) and the weather is generally temperate and settled.  A major warm ocean current called the North Atlantic Drift keeps sea temperatures mild too. Hills and mountains, mainly around the coast, shelter the rest of the island from strong winds coming off the ocean.

Like all seasons in Ireland, the weather can also be very changeable or to put it mildly a little all over the place. Since our weather is generally influenced by the Atlantic, temps can range from 9c (48f) to 13c (55f). It’s sunny when it shouldn’t be, expect a drop of rain most days and you can also throw in the possibility of a blast of hail or snow, to mix it up a bit.

Most rain falls as showers, punctuated by sunshine. The upside? Seemingly endless days of spectacular rainbows!

September in Ireland is what’s known as ‘Shoulder Season’ meaning that it sits between the peak and off-peak seasons. For this reason, it makes it one of the best times of year to visit the island, as it’s not too overcrowded, weather is ‘dacent’ ( Irish variant of decent), water temperature is at it’s highest, making it ideal of water activities such as kayaking, surfing, SUP or if you’re feeling brave enough, a wee bit of swimming.

Rain precipitation in September averages 10 t0 20 days, wind averages to 12 to 12 miles per hours. After that, it’s probably best to check out, ‘What to wear?..’ below.

Local guide on a SUP outdoor adventure in Dingle Ireland

Anthony our guide enjoying a SUP session on Dingle bay


“There’s still a grand stretch in the evenings”

private multi generational tour of Ireland

A family enjoying the sunset on an Irish beach on one of our private tours

Although the days begin to shorten towards the end of the month, for the most part, the sunrise is at 6.30 am and evenings stretching from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Ideal conditions for inspiring sunrises and relaxing sunsets. 

The Irish will be out in force squeezing every last drop out of the bright evenings. The old mammy comment, “There’s a grand aul stretch in the evenings’ is a surefire way to break the ice (in the bars when they eventually reopen) with any Irish person at this time of year.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

September weather in Ireland is generally good, but we’ve also been to know to have Four Seasons in one day, so my advice is to become experienced at layering.  Fleece, jacket, hoodie, t-shirt …etc.

girl feeding a donkey near Cliffs of Moher hiking trail

A girl feeding a donkey on the Atlantic way walk near the Cliffs of Moher

A weather-friendly wardrobe

Wondering what to bring? You’ll need to be adaptable. So go for layers that you can put on or take off as the temperature changes. Bring a sweater, even in summer; waterproofs to accompany all outdoor activities; sunglasses; comfortable walking shoes and an umbrella.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t need sunscreen in the summer months – when the sun shines in Ireland it’s quite strong, so wear a high factor and bring a sunhat. Short-term forecasts are viewable at Met Éireann.

Okay, it does rain in Ireland, but long bouts of rain are pretty rare. So, you can either put on suitable clothes or duck into a nice cosy pub to wait out the shower. You can imagine which one is our favourite strategy.

Travel Essentials:

Sturdy walking shoes (ankle high), swimming gear, hat and sunscreen, rain jacket/trousers, warm fleece, hat and gloves, towel, motion sickness tablets, water bottle, towel and toiletries, warm clothing and waterproof jacket, insect repellent, camera.

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