As spring thrives in full bloom, and the ease of restrictions bears promise to a summer of adventure on the Emerald Isle, now is the time to consider how you’re going to #ExploreIrelandAgain. Our vote? Bubble tours! 

It’s all about staycations in Ireland this summer. Indeed you may feel a bit stiffed after a year of lockdown life to be vacationing on home soil. No, Ireland is not Greece or Spain or wherever you planned to go, but don’t let that deter you.

Ireland is, in fact, a magical summer destination that offers boundless landscapes, endless activities, and opportunities for adventure. Considering how best to spend this summer staycation in Ireland? 

Bubble tours are the new travel trend; a knock-on effect from the Covid-19 pandemic that supports travellers exploring at ease in the comfort of their own support bubble. 

If you’re ready to start discovering safe and secure travel options for this season, read on to learn all you need to know about bubble tours and the adventures that await on the Emerald Isle this summer – given that we get the green light from the government to do so, of course!

Pandemic trends

As we finally see the light at the end of the long and tiring Covid-19 tunnel in Ireland, the thoughts of a summer staycation in Ireland never sounded so sweet.

Over the past 18 months, we have collectively changed. New trends developed out of the pandemic as we battled with the virus. Zoom bingo, virtual birthday parties, and socially distanced outdoor socialising, to name but a few. Travel trends were bound to follow suit, and that they have.

Bubble tours

Another trend that swiftly emerged during the times of deep Covid-19 in Ireland was the concept of a support bubble: a small and select group of individuals with whom you choose to exclusively socialise, and have close contact, regardless of whether or not you live together.

This concept developed as a response to the very real mental health impact that Covid-related isolation was having on people who lived alone. As per the trend, members of a social bubble can socialise only with members within their bubble and only have one bubble at a time. 

Members of a support bubble can enjoy physical contact, like hugs, with one another and also stay in each other’s homes overnight. Although, as aforementioned, this initially was a tool to tackle loneliness for those who would otherwise be isolated, the trend was adopted largely.

Now social bubbles are common among friend groups and offer their members a lower risk solution to socialising, as we slowly thaw from a long year of lockdown life.

Small group adventures

As we now look to the future (and are waiting hopefully to get the green travel light from the government for this summer), one of the most notable trends in the travel sector is support bubbles travelling together.

Support bubbles could make up one single family unit, or friends and family spread across two households. And bubble tours are a fantastic way to make the most of your staycation in Ireland this summer.

From a safety perspective bubble tours in Ireland are a great option that enables you to enjoy a holiday at ease with the comfort of knowing that adventure awaits with the ones you love.

Benefits of bubble tours with Irish Experience Tours

  1. Covid-19 Safety Charter approved 
  2. Travel within the safety of your trusted social bubble
  3. Space for up to 16 friends or family members on our tour bus
  4. No minimum or a maximum age 
  5. Flexible travel booking in case you need to change or cancel
  6. Local tour guides supporting local businesses on our tours
  7. Itineraries catered exclusively to the needs of your group
  8. Choose from a more energetic or laid-back tour 
  9. Avoid crowded hubs and attractions
  10. Get off the beaten track and see real Ireland!

Tips for travelling safely

Although we’re absolutely raring to go this summer, we also believe in safe and secure travel. Until we get the go-ahead from the government to travel at ease in Ireland, we do not encourage people to do so. 

If we do get the chance to enjoy a staycation in Ireland, here are our top three tips to going it the safer way this summer:

1. It’s all about planning

It may seem like an obvious statement, but if you want to enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable safety-first holiday in Ireland this summer, it all comes down to planning. 

As the country starts to reopen, we will see the changes to the hospitality and travel sector brought on by the pandemic. With a need for social distancing to continue, where possible, capacities in restaurants, on tours, in hotels, and so on, will be reduced.

With this in mind, booking well in advance will be vital. Make sure you start locking in your plans early to avoid disappointment. 

A word of the wise though: always check to see that there are flexible terms of booking and cancellation, in case there are any changes to your travel plans. 

2. Vet your providers

They say to not judge a book by its cover, and we couldn’t agree more. We believe that in order to have a seamless staycation in Ireland this summer, you should vet all of your providers in advance, be it your tour, hotel or activity providers. 

Customer reviews are a great way to get a real insight into the workings of any business, and what you, as a future customer, could expect. Of course, not all reviews will be sparkling with five stars, and that’s understandable. However, if there’s a fundamental problem with, say cleanliness or overcrowding, you’ll be sure to spot the common theme in the past user reviews.

3. Travel within a bubble 

Indeed we cannot wait to get travelling again ourselves. Yet we also believe that the safety and security of our team and guests are paramount.

Bubble tours in Ireland allow for both parties to enjoy the journey and adventure at ease with the knowledge that all share similar care and consideration for safe travel. 

Whether you’re looking to experience a coastal adventure, discover the Wild Atlantic Way, or enjoy a bike riding tour of Connemara, there are tonnes of ways to make this summer memorable with a bubble tour staycation in Ireland.

If you’re interested in a bubble tour adventure this summer, get in touch with us today at