With summer just around the corner, you may be considering a staycation in Ireland. If you’re pondering where best to go from a safety perspective, we’ve got you covered. Enough space for social distancing in Connemara? These ten photos say it all. Summer in Ireland. Few things sound sweeter as we find ourselves in spring

Ireland may be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. But fine weather is one of its weaker traits. Nevertheless, summer vacation on the Emerald Isle is bound to be more than memorable; here, we round up the ten childhood memories of an Irish holiday everyone has. Ireland may not boast the warmest

As the days become longer and the promise of a summer holiday rests tentatively on the cards, we give you our go-to guide to travelling safely in Ireland this summer. Ireland is a land known for its woeful weather; days, weeks and months characterised by relentless rain and hazardous winds, high seas and seesawing temperatures.

Your safety-first guide to the best Irish attractions for social distancing this summer As the days get longer and the temperatures climb into the tens and eventually – hopefully – twenties, the promise of the sunshine season hangs in the air.  The smell of fresh-cut grass lingers and it feels like farmer tans are making

With Irish Experience Tours, you can be confident that your money, your booking and most importantly your experience will be safe and stress-free. To make planning a trip to Ireland easier for you, we’ve created a new set of simplified terms which are more worry-free than ever before. Keep reading to find out about our

In the latest edition of Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List, Ireland has 8 experiences listed and featured in the worlds top 500 “most thrilling, memorable and interesting travel experiences, with the Wild Atlantic Way proudly coming in at 21.  In what has been a truly unprecedented year for travel and tourism, this accolade is some

You’re about to head off on an exciting multi-day tour, you’ve been waiting for months for your travel company to whisk you away and take you an awesome adventure, your mind turns to photography, what tips do you need to capture amazing memories from the tour, here we’ll go through our top 5 tips to

It’s been one hell of a year for us all, nearly 6 months since our world went into lockdown, and travel ground to a halt. But now, as restrictions ease and new measurements are developed, we can’t help but get excited about the future. We’re ready to explore again. Since the outbreak of the global

Whether it’s one of our scheduled small group tours departing regularly from Dublin city centre, or one of our well planned customized private tours of Ireland, there is no doubt that you or your family and friends will have close encounters with Irish wildlife. All while visiting archaeological gems,  experiencing Irish culture, partaking in amazing