01. General

Irish Experience attracts adventurous travelers from all corners of the globe. When we say “adventurous”, we don’t mean we expect you to do a 10 mile hike or climb Ireland’s highest mountain … but an open mind and a thirst for exploration is important!

Anyone from 7-80 is welcome – we have separate dates organised for the 18 to 39’s age group, and family groups generally choosing to go private.

Yes of course! Many of our travellers arrive alone, others are with friends or partners. It doesn’t matter because by the end of day 1 you have already made a great group of friends on the bus!

Our average group size is 16 (Group sizes are bigger for our ‘Student Special Tours). The are many benefits to having this size: you don’t feel like you’re being herded around, we are able to include more accommodation and activity options, it’s easier to meet people… plus we can get you off the beaten track and do way more in a day! Happy customers = happy us.

02. Preparing for your trip to Ireland

No matter what time of year it is you will need comfortable walking shoes, sunblock, bug repellent, swimwear and a towel.

We ask that you bring only one reasonably-sized backpack/suitcase (15kg) and a day pack. If you are going to be travelling with a lot more than 15kg, then please let us know.

Sturdy walking shoes (ankle high), swimming gear, hat and sunscreen, rain jacket/trousers, warm fleece, hat and gloves, towel, motion sickness tablets, water bottle, towel and toiletries, warm clothing and waterproof jacket, insect repellent, camera.

Either is fine, it’s up to you! We ask that you bring only one large backpack/suitcase (15kg) and a day pack. If you are going to be travelling with a lot more than 15kg, then please let us know.

There is no travel insurance cover included on our tours. We strongly recommend that you take insurance to cover you for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability. We do not take responsibility for any personal possessions under any circumstances.

03. Accommodation

A vital component of Irish Experience is the effort we put into finding our tours accommodation that is just right. Instead or large impersonal hotels, we overnight in locally-owned establishments (in some cases for generations) where the welcome really is genuine.

Plus, our small group sizes allow us to choose from a wider variety of high-quality establishments in some of the most untouched places in the country.

A hot shower, a pint, a fire in the evening or heading down to the pub; what we can assure you is that wherever you stay, you’ll love it.

For our  ‘Special Offer Tours’ during the offseason, we try to book the highest rating hostels wherever we go. All hostel dorm accommodation is included in the price. Optional upgrades to various other accommodations are available upon request before you make your booking.

Twins and double rooms are available at every stop, some with ensuite.

No. All accommodation suppliers provide the bed linen etc.