Spring into Adventure – Ireland 2024 –

Spring is a great time to explore the Emerald Isle as the weather begins to improve, and the countryside is lush and green. Spring is known for the renewal of plant and animal life. Trees start to grow new leaves, flowers begin to bloom, and animals come out of hibernation. 

With all this growth and rejuvenation in the natural world, it’s also the perfect time for transformation and renewal in your personal world. And what better way to feed this new appetite for change than by engaging in amazing small group adventure tours, that can have a significant impact on your overall well-being, health, and happiness. 

Spring Adventures in Ireland – How can it reignite your zest for life?


Thanks so much again for a fabulous 10-day Irish adventure tour. Thinking about it on the way back, I reflected that I had climbed a mountain! , cycled around Aran Island, and kayaked in the Atlantic !! , spontaneously played live Irish music with a bunch of authentic Irish musicians in a pub! – to name a few of the stand-out and real adventure moments for me – each of those mentioned here really breaking barriers stepping out of my comfort zone and stretching me in ways that I believe will continue to impact me going forward! – and there’s a lot more besides, which I haven’t mentioned here.

It’s a beautiful country – thanks for taking us around. I especially loved the first valley we stopped in very briefly – such a stunning stillness in that space !! , also the Skellig Island boat tour ….. and much more. Thank you so much for setting this all up, and for all your interesting information & songs along the way, and great sense of humor, and your patience in managing the different characters and people so well. You are all very gifted in many ways, and impacting people’s lives through these trips! Keep it up !! 🙂   MAX, APRIL 2023


Life Changing Experiences & Personal Growth

Low-risk ‘out of your comfort zone’ challenges  – Ebike the Great Western Greenway or a gentle scenic hike from Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher. Do all this in a safe & fun small group environment with like-minded people, where in the evening, you relax with a cold one and relive the day’s experience with your fellow adventure

Gives you a Sense of Accomplishment and Achievement

If you’re solo on a small group tour you will get the support of others to cheer you to the day’s finish line. Our guides often experience this when hiking the easy to moderate-blue route in Connemara National Park, where with a little encouragement from group members, you may decide to continue to the summit of Diamond Hill.  At the end of the day, you look back in wonder at what you achieved and you feel bigger inside. This is a great confidence builder. You learn that you are capable of far more than you ever dreamt and develop long-lasting friendships along the way as you achieve your goals together. 

Enables you to see inaccessible landscapes & improves mindfulness 

You often get to see landscapes you couldn’t see unless your body can motor you there: many of Ireland’s awe-inspiring landscapes don’t have a road to them, such as the clifftop walk near the Giants Causeway. Unfortunately, many people tend to get the shuttle bus directly down to the Causeway itself, yet miss out on the jaw-dropping cliff-top coastal route (only 3 km on the flat) that loops around to the Causeway and away from the large crowds. This type of experience often equals SLOW travel. You have time to really SEE and study your surroundings. Your mind finally has a chance to quiet down and can offer you the chance to meditate during your day.

Improves your mental health and reduces stress

Stress can come from being overworked, trying to meet important deadlines or you may be at an age where you feel it’s a race against the clock. Adventure tours can have a positive impact on mental health. Engaging in adventurous activities in natural settings can reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance overall well-being. The combination of some physical activity, exposure to nature, and a sense of accomplishment can lead to reduced anxiety and improved mental health. Our tours offer a wide range of optional adventures! You can explore the stunning landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way, visit ancient castles, hike in Killarney National Park, and experience the vibrant culture in the small towns and villages of Westport, Clifden, Dingle, and Kinsale. 

More Meaningful Slow Travel

Compared to the large group packaged bus tours where you zoom from one stop to the next to snap a photo, with small group adventure tours you mix with the locals and engage with the culture of the place you are visiting. By exploring our rural & regional areas and supporting local businesses and people, you can use travel as a force for good, which better helps the local economy. On our 13, 11 & 10 Day Tours, you will have ample time to get to know Irish people and culture. Enjoy a gentle tour pace and 2-night stays in the charming rural towns of Clifden, Killarney,  Dingle, and Westport. Because of your interactions with the locals, you return home with a better understanding of different cultures which expands your worldview. 


Make friends with strangers

Whether it’s hiking the pilgrim’s path to the summit of Croagh Patrick or bonding with fellow travelers on a small group tour bus, you are self-selected as kindred spirits on the same adventure. Conversations are deeper, and quicker. Lifetime friendships are often formed. Many of our travelers arrive alone, others are with friends or partners. It doesn’t matter because by the end of day 1 you have already made a great group of friends on the bus! You will meet like-minded people who have an appreciation for the great outdoors.  We get a pretty wide range of age groups on our tours, anywhere from people in their 30s to 70s. In any case, we reckon it’s more about attitude than age, which is why social dynamics usually work so well. If you love the idea of getting out into the most incredible landscapes on the island of Ireland, with your feet on the ground rather than looking out of a coach window all day, and you enjoy your creature comforts — we know you will love our trips! 

Small Group Adventure Tours are FUN & SAFE!

FUN: You won’t run out of exciting and interesting stories to tell, both at home and with your fellow travelers. Unlike a traditional packaged tour, when you do a small group tour with Irish Experience Tours, you won’t need a vacation from your vacation. You get to feel like a kid again whether you are scrambling up a boulder in The Burren or free as a bird biking the narrow country roads of the Aran Islands,  those carefree days of youth are back! Go ahead, stomp in the puddles in the boglands of Ireland! Just like in the old days, all you have to do is be home by dinner – except this time ‘home’ could be a cozy little pub in the west of Ireland!

SAFE: We’ve been running our small group easygoing adventure tours for over a decade, which means we know the best local suppliers and experts on the ground to give you an exciting and safe experience. Our new highly safe touring vehicles are very spacious with ample room to sit back and enjoy your journey along Ireland’s narrow country roads. Our experienced local leaders will show you the ropes and give you safety briefings – while also showing you the sights. So you’ll do more than just see a place, you’ll live it!
Hopefully, our blog has shown you why spring in Ireland can reignite your zest for life and perhaps inspire you. If you want to know more about why we think springtime in Ireland is ‘the perfect season’ check out our guide HERE.

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