You’re about to head off on an exciting multi-day tour, you’ve been waiting for months for your travel company to whisk you away and take you an awesome adventure, your mind turns to photography, what tips do you need to capture amazing memories from the tour, here we’ll go through our top 5 tips to help you succeed. 

Keep your phone charged: This sounds basic but from our tours, it’s always surprising on people that turn up without a charged phone to take pictures. They see a perfect shot but can’t use their phone and miss out on that experience. You’re on a multi-day tour with so many exciting things happening that it can be hard to keep up with everything. 

Every night make sure your phone is charged, if you have a phone with a battery that runs down quickly then be sure to invest in a portable charging bank. This way, whatever happens, you’re ready to take that excellent photo. 

Ask your guide for the best spots: On any tour, your guide will have done the tour dozens of times (I hope so anyway!) so will know the most aesthetic spots for you to get the best pictures. At the start of the tour, you should ask, what are the most Instagrammable spots e.g. which day. Also ask what are the less obvious great photo opportunities that they see on the tour that guests don’t take advantage of. For maximising your return, ask them to let you know each time you come up to the spot so you’re ready, sometimes guides will bring you to a secret great photography spot if they understand it’s your passion, you just have to ask!

If your guide is new or not sure on the best spots then I would do my research through Instagram itself, type in any of the locations you’re going to and see the results for the best angles to find that perfect picture. 

Create a hashtag: If you want your Instagram to reach a wider audience then your hashtag strategy is key, we covered this in more detail on our own blog post which you can check out here.   

For a multi-day tour, depending on what you’re doing, I would recommend posting your top 5 photos every day. This may take time to filter, edit and write a caption but this how you grow your Instagram following and reach a new audience. I would also create your own hashtag so people can follow your journey easily e.g. #ConorsWildAtlanticWay or #MurphysTakeKerry , be playful and creative, just check that the hashtag isn’t already used widely. 

Another hashtag strategy is to use existing hashtags on your posts to reach other people’s feeds. There are many tools online you can use e.g. type in local hashtag finder, I find the best ones usually are typing in something obvious like #GalwayPhotography, looking through the posts and seeing what other people have used locally then copying it. It’s also fun to look through content to see what’s happening!

Filters: Another key element filter, my favourite influencers use the same filters for a series of their photos. For multi-day trips, you’re probably going to do a lot of nature or outdoor photography, ranked by the average number of likes for nature, these filters work best, Brooklyn, Amaro, Ludwig, Lark, Earlybird, Rise, Mayfair and Aden. My advice would be to pick one and stick with it for your trip, your audience will get used and feel familiar with your posts. Once you have a branded “look” then you will start attracting more likes and follows. 


Have fun!: Again, sounds obvious, but let your passion and enjoyment shine through! Instagram is mostly a happy place with people sharing their amazing adventures. They want to see you smiling, discovering new cultures and having the time of your life on your holidays. Show behind the scenes windswept material as you perfect the selfie, include and tag your fellow multi-day trip friends and share your crazy local meal for your friends to crave back home. You’ll grow your Instagram but more importantly, you’ll always have those memories of that great trip, all the best stories can be saved to a Highlight to review again (best tip here is to include the local flag as the name, people prefer emojis/pics rather than words). You can look at them at any time and get that travel inspiration back all over again

Customized Insta Tour of Ireland 

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